What to Expect

Step 1: Fill out your online paperwork.

This is of utmost importance because we are not just a ‘fast food’ chiropractic clinic. We want to sit down and talk with you about what is really going on with your system and work together to find real solutions. We need to have a very good idea of what your system looks like before your first meeting with Dr. Taylor Luster, so that she can spend the time she has with you engaging with you and discussing what’s next, rather than having to do a long interrogation process.

Step 2: Day 1- Sit down with the Doctor

One-on-one with Dr. Taylor Luster in which she discusses your history and conditions, treatment plans, and what the steps ahead look like. This is an important time to bring any additional information that you did not put in the paperwork (including any imaging or lab results), as well as to ask any questions of the Doctor.


Each day, these appointments are allotted a few time slots back-to-back that optimize the open-bay flow. This means that during this appointment, you will not be getting adjusted. Your time spent with the Doctor will be to discuss your case and to set up the planning for it. This is a one-time only appointment so that the Doctor can have a thorough understanding of your system before starting a treatment plan. You can, however, still, get adjusted that day by coming back during the open-bay walk-in times or by deciding what times work best for you.


An Office Tour and Treatment Plan Setup will also happen at this time.


*Please note, in very rare cases that are especially complicated and more time is needed, this may be split into two visits, but you will only be charged the One-Time Initial Visit Fee.

Step 3: Treatment Plans

Our Treatment Plan style is very unique and designed to truly optimize the patient experience. It allows for any combination of private and open-bay appointments that are needed, which is ideal because it is completely customized to you and your needs. We offer Private 30-minute and 45- minute appointments, and Open- Bay style appointments. It might sound a bit intimidating but it will be thoroughly explained in your welcome packet and in person during your consultation.

Step 4- Getting Adjusted!

Procedures vary slightly with appointment type. 

The idea here is to allow maximum flexibility and maintain the most effective tailoring to your system. We do this by setting up a combination of long private and short open-bay appointments.  The long appointments are designed to address and really focus on your concerns. Most of the heavy adjusting will be done here.  Your body will need a few weeks to truly integrate these adjustments and to see what new patterns form.  In between those long appointments is the option for open bay appointments. These are designed for quick fixes that will allow you to hold the adjustments between longer appointments better. These are for a headache or a rib out type of thing.  These can either be scheduled or walk-in (if established) and are designed to help your results last longer while still allowing access to the doctor for quick fixes.

Here at ISC, it is important to us to personalize your treatment plan to YOU on every level. This includes working with YOUR system, managing YOUR goals, making care affordable, and making care accessible. Because of this, we cannot provide a blanket statement as to how long treatment will take or how much it will cost. YOUR plan will be unique to YOU. We must first work with you in order to come up with the treatment plan and associated costs. 

A 20 year old problem will take more time to correct than a problem from last week. Healthy expectations is important for the management of your care because we want to be upfront with you.  Chiropractic care can make a huge difference. In some cases, immediate relief is found, while other cases are more complex and thus require more time and work. 

This is the natural progression of healing.

Please be reasonable in your assessment because expectations fuel how you heal.  Unreasonable expectations for healing can lead to choosing unnecessary surgeries and medications.   This is not our goal; We want to take the most conservative approach possible until the last option we have is to medicate or operate. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to call us to find out more information.  We look forward to working WITH you on reaching your  health goals.

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