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From the Olympics to the NFL, to high school teams, to trainers, to stuntmen, etc., athletes have long relied on chiropractic care to keep them moving and going! The reason is because chiropractic care removes interference; it makes communication between muscles and the brain clearer.  This allows for greater coordination and proprioception throughout the system. It helps a body cope with stressors more adeptly by regulating the viscerosomatic system as well as the nervous system.  And in the event of injury, it helps the body recover more appropriately and more easily by ensuring the body can communicate its' needs effectively. We vary our care per athlete and per sport.  Golf injuries are not the same as football injuries or as weightlifting injuries. They all have their own set of patterns and so we don't treat them all the same.  In addition, because no two bodies are alike, how we treat one golfer (for instance) is not necessarily how we treat another golfer.  Individual systems required tailored, individualized care and that's what we aim to provide to keep you performing at your best.

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"My Experience with Dr. Taylor Luster was nothing less than perfect. It was definitely much MORE than I had ever received from any other chiropractor. I used to the chiropractor asking where are you hurting and focus solely on that area for 5-10 min and I was out of there. Dr. Taylor literally fixed my whole bone structure. I am a Pro woman bodybuilder and being aligned from my head to toe is super important. She went beyond just my back, she noticed my ribs were out of place, my tailbone was out of line, she even tugged on my stomach cavity and dropped it . I felt SOOO relieved I was actually able to breath better and correctly. Not only did she take all the time we needed to get my in line she also explained EVERYTHING as she was working. I have never felt so taken care of. I will forever follow her, because I know I will never find another chiropractor as great, knowledgeable, caring, and that has her attention to detail on every little bone. I am just so grateful and she made me aligned and flawless on stage !!!! Thank you so much !!! "-Jennifer Childress IFBB PRO WBB

" Doctor Taylor has been amazing. She took her time and listened to me, adjusted me with experience and with spiritual guidance. She also used acupuncture to decrease my pain. I would highly recommend her." - Javier

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