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Talks with Dr. Taylor

Talks with Dr. Taylor are short minute mindsets and longer conversations that Dr. Taylor has with you so that you can get to know more about her, about the most asked about topics, and sometimes to help you through harder conversations. These are usually solo, but every now and then, Dr. Taylor will include a conversation with someone else as well. If you are interested in a certain topic or participating, reach out to us or talk to the front desk!
Also, be sure to check out our new podcast, Fearlessly Unbroken, at the links below!

Traditional Medicine Vs Holistic Medicine

Responding to "Chiropractic Didn't Work for Me"

Physical Therapy Vs. Applied Kinesiology

Emotional Releases

Check out our Fearlessly Unbroken Podcast!

A podcast centered around YOUR stories of real moments and real healing. The hardest things you have ever done to heal and how beautifully unbroken you are as a result. A place to share the wisdom gleaned from lessons learned and to join each other in celebration and understanding of the human experience.

Check Out our Direct Link Here: Fearlessly Unbroken | Podcasting
Find it on all major podcasting platforms as Fearlessly Unbroken
* Spotify
* i-tunes
* Anchor
* Google Podcasts
* PocketCasts
* Breaker
* Radio Public
You can also find the episodes on Youtube, facebook, and instagram!


For More Videos, Check out our YouTube Channel 

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