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Who We Are


We Are Inner Sanctum Chiropractic.

Our Motto is FATE: Feel, Affirm, Transform, Elevate.


The idea behind our motto is that ALL healing follows this path. It starts with truly feeling and experiencing a problem. Then acknowledging that the problem is there and how it makes you feel and how it affects your life. Also, acknowledging how the problem began and what behaviors might be contributing to it. Once the problem has been acknowledged, transformation can begin. This is where the hard work happens. This is the daily effort, the regular appointments, and the intentional commitment to change, healing, and growth.  And then finally there is elevation to a new stage of health, awareness, and consciousness. This is what makes healing worth it. This is what we work towards every single day. 

There is a saying in chiropractic called ADIO. This is the idea that healing comes from ABOVE and travels DOWN through the body. And then from the INSIDE to the OUTSIDE. This can be taken in a spiritual sense of a higher power and the soul, or in an anatomical sense as healing starts with the brain and nervous system.

Either way ADIO is a beautiful sentiment that we believe is tied directly with our motto of FATE.  ADIO is the path on which FATE will lead us.

We look forward to going on that journey with you.

We are a Specialty Chiropractic Office! 

Here are a few of the things we specialize in!

Areas of Specialization
* Chiropractic (see Techniques)
* Acupuncture
* Leaky Gut Repair 
* Detoxification
* Nutrition
* Labwork Assessments
* Pediatric Care
* Pregnancy Care

Conditions we Specialize in
* Scoliosis
* Fibromyalgia
* Leaky Gut/ Detoxification
* Autoimmunity
* Migraines
* Chronic Pain Management
* Cranial Faults

Quality over Quantity

"I can't find a doctor who will listen to me!"

"I can't find a doctor that will look at me as a whole person!"

"I feel like I don't get any time with my doctor to tell them anything!"

"I feel like my doctor is too busy for me!"

"I know something is wrong, but no one will listen!"

"I have no where else to go!"

Do these sound familiar?  We get patients EVERY SINGLE DAY that complain of this! Dr. Taylor knows it all too well from her own personal health journey!

This is a real problem and you deserve better for your health!

This world is full of fast paced, low connection situations and your health care should not be one of them!    

It is imperative that you have a REAL relationship with your Doctor in order for you to heal and find real results!

At Inner Sanctum Chiropractic, our answer to this problem is simple... We take the time!

Your first appointment will be an entire hour with the Doctor so that you can discuss your concerns in detail and come up with a plan together!

Each follow up appointment are either 20 or 40 minutes long and extremely personalized to your needs- no generic care here!

Depending on your case, we will recommend a treatment plan that we believe will get you feeling better.  After the treatment plan, we will re-evaluate to see if you can move to wellness care, which is much easier than recovery care!

We aim to help you heal at your own pace, in a no-rush restful environment with the quality healthcare relationship you have been looking for!

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