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As we age and our body begins to slow and break down, including the spine, which also begins to degenerate.  This has effects on all areas of health from musculoskeletal pain and nerve pain to visceral functioning and pain management. Chiropractic care helps mitigate the symptoms of that degeneration, allowing for greater mobility and adaptability with age.

In conjunction with acupuncture and tailored nutrition, chiropractic care is an important part of keeping you going.  Dr. Taylor Luster specializes in a variety of very gentle techniques to ensure the most effective care for our seniors. 

"After one moment with Dr. Taylor, it is so apparent and refreshing just how deeply she truly cares about the patient in front of her. She holds space for them to bring to her what's going on with them, whether that's the physical, mental, or emotional challenges they're able to speak about, or even the unspoken that's affecting them in the background.  She assists the healing of the physical in a seemingly effortlessly gentle way that gives the patient full permission to relax, and she addresses the needs of the mental and emotional (and sometimes spiritual) levels as well. She sees her patient not as a part that is hurting or as a black-or-white situation or even shades of gray.  She SEES them, as a whole self and as a being that touches more than just itself, with a spectrum of colors. And she's does what she can to bring the patient ease, peace, and love- physically, mentally, and emotionally- so that their body, mind, and soul can be free to be their very best. An appointment with her is like a very much needed hug, for the body and the soul."- Vicky

Dr. Taylor adjusting a geriatric patient
Dr. Taylor orthopedic testing elderly patient

"Dr. Taylor Luster is remarkably gentle and careful. I have never experienced soreness after one of her adjustments even though she says I might. She takes her time and is exceptionally thorough in her exam. She has found things that other chiropractors in my very distant past have missed. She asks many questions during my treatments about what and how I’m feeling. She informs me of the ways in which I have improved and those areas that need further attention. She is also a good educator. She tells me what she finds during the exam and explains how whatever she finds misaligned affects my body and health. She suggests simple and easy exercises for me to use between treatments. When it comes to overall health I am blessed by her knowledge from nutrition to the immune system. She encourages and supports alternative approaches to other health challenges not directly associated with my back, which is another tool in her educational arsenal. Since I am fairly active she cautions about certain habitual movements or positions that may adversely affect my spinal alignment including sleeping and sitting positions and suggests effective alternatives. She gently encourages me when I forget instruction and guidance, like “don’t forget to drink plenty of water”. I feel I have only begun to tap Dr. Taylor’s storehouse of beneficial health information. I feel that her heartfelt attentiveness would benefit anyone seeking good spinal and overall health." -Paul 

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