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Did you know that Chiropractic can truly be helpful in ALL stages of pregnancy. By helping your body stay in alignment and communicate effectively, it can be a fantastic part of any pregnancy care plan.


There is a specific technique called Webster technique, which is designed for pregnant women to help manage their ever changing bodies. It focuses on balancing and stabilizing the pelvis to prepare it for childbirth. This technique requires certification, so it's important to look for a Webster Certified Doctor, like Dr. Taylor Luster.

Dr. Taylor is also a Certified Doula so she can help in every step of the process! 


Let us help you manage your care before, during, and after pregnancy (and baby too!) with the most up to date pregnancy adjustments around. Visit to learn more about pregnancy chiropractic and the Webster technique.


"Where do I begin? My experience with Dr. Taylor Luster was phenomenal! From the spot on pre-exam, to the extremely informational and interactive adjustment; I would highly recommend her expertise!

I originally made an appointment for what I thought was “normal” back pains from my sedentary job (my postures not always the best lol)... boy was I wrong. Dr. Taylor Luster adjusted ALL my problem areas we discussed, as well as the ones found through her pre-exam: my hips, multiple ribs that had shifted, neck, and even my skull at one point. I literally felt like a new person after everything we did! I’m still amazed!" -Carrie


"I've gotten the opportunity to be adjusted by Dr. Taylor Luster while at the start of my third trimester of pregnancy. She listens to what I have going on and locates the underlying issue. Dr. Taylor also does ligament work, which is specific for pregnancy so that I can continue to move and function at my best.  She is professional while being very personable and you feel welcomed every time you step into her office." - Alex

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