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Welcome Packet

This packet explains a lot about how joining the ISC family will look.  Everything from the schedule, to adjusting the flow, to pricing basics, to techniques. With that being said, this is an overview and will be discussed in more detail during your first appointment after your meeting with the Doc.

New Practice Member Paperwork

This is the past history and questions about what's going on with your system.  It's super important to answer it as honestly and thoroughly as possible.  Even if you don't think something ties into something else, realize that the body is a system and everything interacts. Our goal is to see the full system as a big picture.

ISC Services and Fees

This is a quick view of our services and fees chart. It is a bit complicated so don't panic. It will make much more sense when we talk it out more with you.  In the meantime, the Welcome Packet also has a more thorough explanation if needed.

ISC Privacy Policy

This is our Privacy Policy that tells you your rights as a patient and how we protect your health privacy. You can also learn more at the following website: HIPAA for Individuals |

Here at ISC, it is important to us to personalize your treatment plan to YOU on every level. This includes working with YOUR system, managing YOUR goals, making care affordable, and making care accessible. Because of this, we cannot provide a blanket statement as to how long treatment will take or how much it will cost. YOUR plan will be unique to YOU. We must first work with you in order to come up with the treatment plan and associated costs. 

A 20 year old problem will take more time to correct than a problem from last week. Healthy expectations is important for the management of your care because we want to be upfront with you.  Chiropractic care can make a huge difference. In some cases, immediate relief is found, while other cases are more complex and thus require more time and work. 
This is the natural progression of healing.
Please be reasonable in your assessment because expectations fuel how you heal.  Unreasonable expectations for healing can lead to choosing unnecessary surgeries and medications.   This is not our goal; We want to take the most conservative approach possible until the last option we have is to medicate or operate. 
If you have further questions, please feel free to call us to find out more information.  We look forward to working WITH you on reaching your  health goals.

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