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Chiropractic care  creates a solid foundation of healthy nervous system functioning that leads to better growth, healthier development, and an improved life.  With all the antics and shenanigans kids get into, it is easy to see how their spine undergoes a great deal of stress.  Regular chiropractic care can help nip those problems in the bud and keep your child active and healthier longer.  Chiropractic in children has been shown to improve sleep, behavioral problems, and overall development.

Birth is traumatic, especially with all the wrenching and pulling that is seen in today’s medical model. Newborn spinal misalignments are extremely common and include things such as difficulty breathing, difficulty breastfeeding, colic, asthma, digestive issues, and behavioral issues. Correction of these issues early on will allow the baby’s immune system to operate at its best.

There is lots of research on this to be found on our research page or at

Dr. Taylor adjusts a baby

"We tried Dr. Taylor for the first time. She was amazing. She adjusted every part of me so gently. She also adjusted all my kids. This was baby's first adjustment. We have been having a hard time with milk supply and nursing. Immediately after both being adjusted our nursing sessions have improved 100%. He is generally a happy baby but even more so now. Also all my kids are getting along and willingly helping each other." - Sabrina

"Dr. Taylor Luster is very gifted...she is very intuitive and understands her patients. She listens and works with her patients. She is the BEST!!" - Tammie

"I love Dr. Taylor Luster. She has been the greatest chiropractor I have ever come across. Her technique is very different from every chiropractor I have ever had, it is very noninvasive.  I've never experienced any pain or pressure that comes with normal adjustments. If anything, my adjustment lasts so much longer since I met her; my pain management has been amazing!  I would call her "my angel sent from heaven"! I would recommend her to everyone. Go try her, you will not regret it! " - Maria

Dr. Taylor and pediatric adjusting
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