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Meet the Team

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  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Masters in Nutrition, Acupuncture Certified, Reiki Master

  • South Texas' Top Rated and Certified Applied Kinesiology Doctor

  • Empath, Animal Hoarder, Warrior, Seeker, Believer

Dr. Taylor Luster

Dr. Luster is uniquely qualified to help you, due in large part to her own health journey. After a plethora of diagnoses given, dozens of tests, 8 surgeries, and handfuls of medications prescribed daily, Dr. Luster realized that the medical community did not hold the answers to her health concerns.  Chronic pain and imbalances led her to seek alternative therapies, which led her to Chiropractic.  Through Chiropractic, she has never felt better. While she still has a variety of health concerns still waiting for answers, she has been able to manage much better as a result of proper nervous system communication. Her continued search for answers is what drives her to find healing for herself and for her patients.

  • Graduated from Logan in St. Louis

  • Attended Veterinary School for a year on the island of St. Kitts

  • In addition to her Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Nutrition, Dr. Luster holds a BA in Psychology and a BS in Biology

  • Loves to sing and has been honored to sing at the White House twice

  • Has 2 black cats, Athena and Calypso

  • The ultimate goal in life is to open an animal shelter so it is socially acceptable to hoard animals 

mom2 (2).jpg
  • Office Manager

  • Former Retiree

  • Proud Mother of Dr. Luster

After over 33 years of dedicated service, Ms. Cindy Luster retired from Civil Service as an Industrial Organizational Psychologist. She worked with other psychologists and Air Force senior managers to develop promotion tests for Air Force enlisted members.

Additionally, she co-managed the Air Force Occupational Analysis Program, wherein she guided survey development, survey administration, and analysis of over 50 Air Force enlisted specialties.

Ms. Cindy Luster is currently coming out of her retirement to join her daughter in her new business venture.

Cindy Luster

  • Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology from St. Mary's University

  • BA in Psychology from St. Mary's University

  • Officer/ Member of the Alamo Federal Executive Leadership Board

  • Air Force Sexual Assault and Prevention Response Victim Advocate and Counselor

  • Air Force Project Management

  • Air Force Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor


Ms. Ginger Walker

  • Certified Chiropractic Assistant

  • Former Business Operations Manager

  • Dry Needling Certified

  • Attended University of Hawaii

  • Is Learning the Piano

  • Bargain Hunter/Thrifter Extraordinaire

  • Has 2 Pups- TutiFe and Chiso

dr bones.jpg

Dr. Indiana Bones

  • aka Indy

  • aka Henry Jones

  • Project Manager

  • Face of ISC

Dr. Bones brings us an amazing array of skills and experiences from his travels all over the world. His experience as a scientist, historian, and all-around bad-ass, makes him an amazing addition to our team.  He will be handling project management and is the new face of ISC. With his guidance, problem-solving skills, and stellar personality, we expect many great adventures.

  • Dr. Jones holds a degree in Archeology from the Sorbonne in France

  • Dr. Jones has been married twice and has a son and daughter.

  • He is known for having found many famous items such as the Sankara Stones, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Crystal Skull of Akator.

  • He holds an undergraduate degree in linguistics.

  • He has taught history in multiple colleges

  • Has a terrible fear of snakes

  • Hates being called Junior

  • aka Teddy

  • Office Therapy Dog

  • Official Door Greeter

  • Office Supervisor

  • Has His Own Instagram

Teddy is our official therapy dog and door greeter.  He is known for his very fluffy hair, his willingness to chew on anything that might seem unreasonable to chew on, and his excited kisses.  He loves long hair, shoes, paper cups, and attention. 

He hates sneezes, cans opening, and when Dr. Taylor sits down.  

Teddy Bear Luster

  • Teddy is a Shetland Sheepdog aka Sheltie

  • Teddy is currently in training to be an official Therapy Dog. He is attending lots of classes to be the best doggo he can be.

  • It is also of note that his parents were both show dogs and if it weren't for his darn overbite, he would have been show dog quality too....this is something he wants you to remember as you watch him prance around the office.

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