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Our Techniques


This is the most common adjusting technique implemented by chiropractors. It is the hands-on technique style that is what most people associate with chiropractic.

Applied Kinesiology

A neurologically based technique that utilizes muscle testing to find and correct problems in the system.  This is a technique that you truly have to experience to understand, but it works similarly to a closed-circuit system.  When the circuit is uninterrupted, the communication flows easily and the system works well.  When there is interference, the system ‘short-circuits’ and compensations are seen to make up for the loss in communication.

Sacro-Occipital Technique

There is a mirror effect of the bottom (sacrum) and top (occiput) of the spine such that what you see in one, you might also see in the other. This technique works to address both the top and bottom of the spine to create proper alignment and appropriate communication.

Tonal Technique

This technique focuses on the nervous systems' ability to incorporate variations in pressures as different messages.  Sometimes the system requires a deep, more demanding pressure. Other times it requires more of a light touch, a brush, even a vibrational pressure.  This technique explores giving the system what it needs to make a correction, while not forcing it into the system.

Tao- Style Adjusting

The style further incorporates tonal techniques by focusing on finding ease in the system.  It focuses heavily on listening to the body and asking questions, through palpation, as to what the body needs and wants.  This style always aims to adjust when the body is most at ease for maximum effect. Adjusting into a tensed system results in more rejection of the adjustment than does an adjustment into a system at ease.

Webster Technique

Webster certification is a specialty certification for pregnancy and pediatrics.  It requires additional training and testing to receive certification.  This technique is the chiropractic gold standard for managing and adjusting pregnant women and pediatrics. It is taught by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).


Acupuncture is a well-established modality used to correct energetic and physical subluxations (blockages) in the body through manipulation of the fascia (tissue that surrounds the entire body, just below the skin).

Reiki and Emotional Healing

This technique requires many levels of training to specialize in balancing and the transference of energy as a Reiki Master.  Energy and emotional healing work to balance and remove blockages in energetic flows.  Although it is one of the 5 primary stressors of the body, emotional influences are often overlooked and disregarded.  In Chinese Medicine, emotions can be stored in different areas of the body.  If not released, it might eventually manifest as energetic, or even physical, conditions. 


Dr. Luster has a Master's degree in Nutrition, which she incorporates heavily into her care and management of patients.  As one of the 5 primary stressors of the body, nutrition plays a vital role in overall health.  This is not a one-size fits all approach. This is not about shaming you. This is about understanding what YOUR body is specifically asking for to heal. 

Instrument-Assisted Adjusting

In some cases, a manual adjustment is not desirable.  A chiropractic adjusting tool will then be used to deliver a specific and less forceful input into the system. This technique is incredibly useful for elderly, pediatric, extremely painful, and animal populations as it is extremely gentle.

Drop Tables

The chiropractic tables have spring-loaded mechanisms built in that allow for a more gentle adjustment with increased motion.  These adjustments are very gentle despite the loud noises that the drop table makes as it comes down. This adjustment allows for pelvic correction without the torque applied in typical side-posture adjusting.

Nutrition and Condition Muscle Testing

 Much of this is founded in the Applied Kinesiology technique. Dr. Taylor will often use this to help find real causes and underlying conditions. This tool uses your neurology to assess the system.


This modality helps make space in the spine by essentially attempting to stretch the area.  The idea is to help the muscles relax and take the pressure off of compressed nerves and discs.  It can be a powerful tool for helping discs heal in the long run by creating enough space for nutrition to get to the disc and nerves.

Vibration Plate and Estim

These modalities are fantastic for pain relief and for bringing new blood flow and nutrition into an area of degeneration or inflammation. It also serves to help the body regain proprioceptive input in order to 'reset' the nervous system, which makes it exceptionally helpful for conditions like neuropathy.

Massage Percussion, Estim, Heat

In some cases, a system is too tense to access and additional help may be needed to encourage relaxation.

A massage percussion or Estim device might be used to provide a deep relaxing vibration into the system. 

Moist heat therapy is often added to these therapies, all of which are designed to calm an angry system and provide pain relief.


Cupping is a great modality that helps brings blood flow into an area in the hopes of having the increased blood detox the area to decrease blood stasis, pain, and inflammation.  When combined with movement, it is an extra powerful tool to 'pump' out toxins. It is a powerful detox so be sure to ask the Doctor if it is right for you.

Dry Needling and Microcurrent

Dry needling is different from acupuncture in that it is more specific to a muscle that is having a problem, while acupuncture aims at meridians along the entire system and can affect anything.  Dry needling requires deeper insertion of the needle and is sometimes paired with microcurrent to help release a muscle spasm.  Microcurrent is like estim/tens for a's just more specific. It can speed up the time required for treatment and also provides a slightly different input via vibration into the system.


We are proud to offer massage therapy through our wonderful therapist Mrs. Tracy Link.  Massage is a beautiful supplement to chiropractic care and an important way to take care of yourself through regular detoxification, relaxation, and energy transference.  The power of touch is greatly overlooked and one that is a profound healing tool!

Check out our YouTube Channel for more in-depth explanations of each technique!

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