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Complex Cases

Complex Cases truly run the gamut in regards to presentation and complexity...that's what makes them so complex! As a complex patient herself, Dr. Taylor Luster has learned a vast array of techniques, therapies, and tools to help find the true cause of conditions and/or help manage the problem in the meantime.  She believes in working WITH you to help you discover answers.  She understands that you know your body best and that it takes teamwork to truly help and manage these types of cases.  Dr. Taylor Luster has a vast array of experience and knowledge in these areas that are discussed more extensively on the "Techniques" page. Dr. Taylor Luster believes that every case is different and will look at you as a whole system, not a series of symptoms.

Some of the complex conditions that we can help with are listed below. This list is by no means complete.

  • Autoimmunity               

  • Leaky Gut

  • Scoliosis

  • Diabetes

  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities

  • Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia

  • Migraines

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Sciatica

  • Herniated Discs

We also specialize in reading complex bloodwork and more complex cases as a whole. 

Our goals are:

  1.  to see you as a whole person

  2. To give you a full and thorough assessment based on that big picture view of your system.

  3. Explain it so that you truly understand what is happening to you.

  4. Give our best recommendations.

  5. And either help you get better or help get you to someone who can get you better.


 We  really work hard to provide this service because Dr. Taylor knows EXACTLY what if feels like to be turned away because your case was too complex.  We aim to try and do better.  Our goal is to clear the weeds a bit, so we can see the path ahead.

Dr. Taylor Luster specializes in complex cases because her own health history has led her on quite the journey. She has a vast array of knowledge in nutrition, anatomy, neurology, and bloodwork. Dr. Luster believes that if she doesn't know the answers, it is extremely important to consult with other doctors and help figure out where to send you if it is beyond her work as a team to get answers for you. Dr. Luster treats complex cases very much like a partnership in learning and treatments.  She understands that you know more about your body than anyone else and that you have to live in it. She understands pain, the nature of addiction, and the difficulties that daily life poses to changes.  She is willing to work WITH YOU to help you find the answers you are looking for and is always open to learning more.  In addition, she believes helping you understand more of what's going on in your system, the more you will be able to be an active participant in the process. This combination allows for longer, more significant change. But most importantly, it allows for HOPE, and that is truly the most important aspect of dealing with chronic illness or pain...finding Hope.  


"Dr. Taylor is by far one of the most in tune and amazing doctors I've ever had the privilege to be a patient of.  She is so caring and makes it her mission to get to the root of whatever has brought you to her care.  She listens empathetically and is able to relate on so many levels. Her knowledge of the body is superb. She is a very powerful, confident, yet gentle adjuster. She is constantly seeking to increase her knowledge and improve her skill. She is just an amazing doctor and person. I cannot recommend her enough.

I have scoliosis and I am in pretty consistent and chronic pain. Some days are better than others, Dr. Taylor always made things better for me.  She takes the time to get to the root of things each visit and I am amazed by her skill and understanding of the human body."- Mollie

"When Dr. Taylor works with you on the table, you quickly come to realize that something more is happening than just a search for joints that need to be popped. A lot more is happening actually. The way she is able to tune into your body and seems to find things that need attention without you having to say a thing, or even things that you were not yourself aware of, is simply astounding. Dr. Taylor is one of those truly special people that can and will redefine what chiropractic means to you. I consider every adjustment I have received from her to be a great blessing. I've always gotten up off the table feeling as though every issue or point of restriction in my body that needed to be dealt with, or rather, was ready to be unwound and let go of, was given the attention it needed to be released. I would definitely recommend allowing Dr. Taylor to serve you whether you are new to chiropractic or you have long-standing issues as I do, that other docs have failed to address.  She is hands down one of the best out there, not to mention how kind and welcoming she is and how much heart she has. Adjustments at Dr. Taylor's are doctor appointments you will certainly come to look forward to." - Justin

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