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“Words are hard! My brain is in a FOG! I can’t remember anything!” Do these sound like you? Sometimes the brain just needs some solid support!  The reasons for most brain deficiencies begin in the gut - but there are many reasons that are more individual to you that should be covered.  However, this is a good starting point!  Let’s start off with brain fuel in the form of: Omega Fatty Acids; vitamins found in ADEK; and some major antioxidant support with Liposomal Vitamin C! Combine these with mood-boosting, brain nourishing effects of B-Complex vitamins and some digestive enzymes in Zypan for some gut support! Rounding it out with Neuro-PTX for some powerhouse brain inflammation reduction!  Lastly, Rescue Remedy for relief during HIGH stress times as well as Vetiver oil to help bring clarity and grounding. Try vetiver under your nose, behind your ears, or on the sternum for major grounding goodness. For all oils, be sure to use them in a carrier oil to prevent irritation.


As with all of these products and protocols, they are recommended to be use under doctor supervision. Each case is different and should be treated as such. For more personalized care, please reach out to our office for a consultation.

Dr. T's Jumpstart Brain Support Kit

  • Damaged product refunds or replacements are considered on a case by case basis. Pictures of the damaged item must be submitted within 1 week of tracking number receipt and approved by the ISC team, that the item was indeed most likely damaged in shipping. At that point, it will be determined as to whether refund or replacement is desired.

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