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Texas Allergies are a beast! We want to help support your system with Dr. T’s Go-To supplement support!  Most allergy problems start in the gut, so addressing parts of that with enzyme support is step 1. So, we want to make sure the lymph is moving and that the mucous membranes are healthy and supported! Rosemary oil (with carrier oil) is well-known for its antioxidant and anti-sickness properties by stimulating the immune and nervous systems.  Try it behind your ears and under your jaw to encourage drainage. Allergy Rescue is straight-up relief goodness aimed at quieting the histamine response.  Zypan is digestive enzymes to help balance the gut.  Fisherman’s Friend are the best cough drops around, hands down!  Sinuorega is a spicy nasal spray that REALLY opens the passages and has a dual anti-bacterial effect.  It is strong, so spray it into the nose wall and not directly up the nose. Lastly, Daily Bind helps bind any free radicals causing more inflammation. For all oils, be sure to use them in a carrier oil to prevent irritation.


As with all of these products and protocols, they are recommended to be use under doctor supervision. Each case is different and should be treated as such. For more personalized care, please reach out to our office for a consultation.

Dr. T's Jumpstart Allergies Kit

  • Due to the nature and safety of supplements, we can only accept returns for unopened, fully sealed items. In the event that you need to return that item, buyer will pay cost of shipping and return will be assessed upon receipt. It is highly encouraged that you send pictures of your fully sealed item before returning in order to increase the likelihood of full refund.

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