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Dry Brushing is a fantastic way to help move your lymph! Your lymph is your body’s toxin removal system, so theoretically, if you can keep the lymph moving, your body can get rid of just about anything! 
Adjustments are a crucial part of that process but there are things you can do at home to help! Dry Brushing is designed to gently help move the lymph by just brushing the skin gently.

A few key points- Brush very gently! Too much pressure compresses the lymph vessels!

All brushing should be towards the heart- so from the arms go in and down to the heart. For the legs go up to the core.

Drink lots of water - this is a detox! 


As with all of these products and protocols, they are recommended to be use under doctor supervision. Each case is different and should be treated as such. For more personalized care, please reach out to our office for a consultation.

Dry brush

  • Due to the nature and safety of supplements, we can only accept returns for unopened, fully sealed items. In the event that you need to return that item, buyer will pay cost of shipping and return will be assessed upon receipt. It is highly encouraged that you send pictures of your fully sealed item before returning in order to increase the likelihood of full refund.

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