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Ah, ladies…are those hormones crashing and burning, instead of aging gracefully?  These supplements are some solid basics for providing relieve to these symptoms and help your aging process become less of a train wreck 😉.  These supplements are tried and true, by many of our ladies, and we highly recommend them as a good starting point to helping manage your hormones!  Let’s start off with some hormonal precursor support via vitamins ADEK and DHEA. Let us follow it up with some adrenal support (Desiccated Adrenal) to help manage the changes your body is undergoing and some menopause specific support via Femicrine and Menopause Relief.  Additionally, we will add Formula 303 (with valerian root, passion flower, and magnesium) to soothe the system.  Lemongrass oil will manage circulation, cholesterol, and the lymphatic system while promoting peaceful wellbeing.  Try it on your temples or under your jaw. For all oils, be sure to use them in a carrier oil to prevent irritation.


As with all of these products and protocols, they are recommended to be use under doctor supervision. Each case is different and should be treated as such. For more personalized care, please reach out to our office for a consultation.

Dr. T's Jumpstart Menopause Relief Kit

  • Due to the nature and safety of supplements, we can only accept returns for unopened, fully sealed items.  In the event that you need to return that item, buyer will pay cost of shipping and return will be assessed upon receipt.  It is highly encouraged that you send pictures of your fully sealed item before returning in order to increase the likelihood of full refund. 

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